Secrets of good sleep
  • A clean, spacious bed equipped with a mattress of high quality is essential for a good night sleep. It is really difficult to relax on a small, extremely firm or soft worn-out mattress.
  • Follow a bed time routine even on weekends. Irregular sleeping hours affect the biological clock and the body turns unable to perceive which its resting hours are.
  • Go to sleep when feeling sleepy. Avoid pushing yourselves to sleep and using sleeping pills for that purpose.
  • It is recommended to set a routine that sends your brain a message that bed time is around the corner. A nice warm bath, a glass of milk, a book or hearing some music will be of great help.

Premier Mattresses Industry LLC

Premier mattresses Industry aiming to offer mattresses that improve the quality of your sleep and to set new standards in the market.

Premier Mattesses Industry is a professional integrated mattress enterprise which engages in the design, research,development, production and marketing of Rebonded foam Mattress, Pocket Spring Mattress, Hotel Mattress, Foam Mattress and so on.

We are committed to developing our know-how and adopting new materials, new technologies and new production methods that respect the environment and constantly improve the quality of your sleep.

Our Vision

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Our Products

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